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Autumn Sad, Funny and Romantic Korean Drama Possibilities

Hey Hey! I know it’s been a long while since I have rec’ed anything. However I was inspired to do so, because my kindred amiga Abi iHae is done watching Bad Guy(or Boy) and She wants to laugh! I thought […]

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Marvel's The Avengers Scene

Marvel’s The Avengers and in 3-D hmmm…

  I had fun producing my very first Video Blog on Reviewing Marvel's the Avengers. Definitely a movie to watch.  Let me know what you thought of the movie, and

ML Tour Orlando Highlights

Highlights of #MLTour Orlando

Last weekend was the All Star weekend... for dancing. The Movement  Lifestyle Tour stopped off at Orlando. Leaving a most memorable mark! On Saturday Morning: Kickin' things off, Marvin MC'd a  sweet


CinéAny Preparing for the Movement Lifestyle Tour

My oldest dream was to be a dancer(but I didn't go for it out of ignorance). So this year, In the motto that Asha K and I created: "It's  2012, might

Finding Nemo 3-D

Finding Nemo in the Theaters in 3D in September!

Are you may have seen Disney has been re-releasing some of our most favorite and memorable Animated films and enhance them as 3-D. I am a big fan

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