Sura BBQ Buffet! Location: Las Vegas

Restaurant Front at Sura Korean BBQ Buffet Las Vegas, Chinatown

Any time I visit a town, I scope out via online, the restaurants that I think I would enjoy  before I go.  After Jay Glaw told me that in Seoul there was an all you can eat BBQ buffet, I have been craving a restaurant like that.

Come to find out Las Vegas has a Korean BBQ Buffet, Sura Korean BBQ.  (I’m hoping that Orlando catches up and has one too!) As you may have read in another blog, I had attended the conference in Las Vegas. I promised myself that I had to go to Sura Korean BBQ, if it was the only thing I did (other than attend the conference biz)!

I was already excited before I entered the restaurant. My cousin who lives in Vegas  was psyched on going as well.  I love introducing new things to people I love. So it made it all the more fun.

When we got there everyone was so friendly. They greeted us and  we were seated right away in a booth with our own burner in the center. I liked the colors of the restaurant. It was dark color schemes, yet it made it modern and intimate.

Of course we were hungry I think I was dreaming of Kalbi and Bulgogi, so I headed over to the  Buffet area.  It was a HUGE selection!  I think I could have grilled all the meat there.  There was a variety of delicious side dishes, A Soup and a dessert  section too. My cousin and I were in Food heaven!  The meat was well marinated. Even though I wanted to pile on all the meat My eyes could consume, I held back and grilled a bit a time. I got to taste  the chicken, the shrimp, the scallops, and of course the short ribs, beef and pork. ( Stops writing to reminisce)

The staff would come and check on us and change the grill.  I wish I had a bigger stmach I would be there all night, and it was apparent when we were paying and the Owner said ” You are done already?”  oh yeah we had the pleasure to meet and talk with the owner. She is one charming woman, and a great storyteller too. My cousin and I felt like we made a friend.

I’ll definitely come back when I am back in Las Vegas, which I hope is soon!


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