New Sound of this Era Philosophy

Every decade has it’s own signature sound. It’s unmistakable  the 1980′s synth, The Roaring late 1930′s Big Bang Sound, the Beach Party and young spirit of the 60′s and the longer era of the 18th Century classical music.

Which leads me to the millennium and the eclectic and often negatively criticized  musical styles.  Because I have noticed there are distinctive styles that stamp each decade I really couldn’t pin point what the early millennium sound was.

That is until I heard  Neon Indian.  I knew that the Millennium’s with that distinct sound. In a way it can’t described in words it can be understood by your ears.

The song that hooked me, Polish Girlfriend

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Then I started to hear other great bands with a similar style. I am hopeful for the future of music, its pushing boundaries, carrying along the history of music with it. To top it off this most excellent sound comes from Indy bands.

In every decade there was something different, that identified what people were thinking and feeling. The big bands made people dance and have a great time after the long depression.  The 80′s signified the growth of digital technology and the Baby Boomer’s kids angst and not to forget the Hip-hop movement.

So what is the new sound saying? I think it’s up for interpretation.

Here are other songs that I think  are the foundation of the sound stamp of the next decade.

Hooray for Earth- True Love

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Tennis- Marathon

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Can you hear the styles pattern?  They have a nostalgic feel to them coming from the 80′s and 50′s.

Do you like the style of music? What is your Philosophy?

  • BellaVida

    Interesting read. I love all types of music. I like that you bring up the point of critic.  Every generation goes through it. I think its a way of training the younger generation to fight and stand up for what they believe in.

    I haven’t heard of the groups you posted but it’s nice and reminds me of 70′s & 80′s electronic bands like Kraftwerk. This generation was brought up to be conscientious; to recycle so I’m seeing a lot of that. They have the capability and technology to take pieces for example of 80′s music and give it a new spin adding their own flavor to it.  Hip hop music also sampled because of the lack of money to buy & learn to play instruments. And before that Rock n Roll took from Blues and Folk music and so on…

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