Miyavi Rocked Orlando! #MYV2011WorldTour

Miyavi samurai Pose

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Miyavi Rocked us OUT, at Firestone Live! First Time in Florida, Miyavi and Bobo left their  Musical Mark. Hopefully paving the way of other Japanese Rock/Visual Kei Bands to come play in the Sunshine State!  The irony was that he played under a cold November rainy evening. I had been anticipating to attend the  What’s My Name Orlando Concert for about three months. The PoP Jun Ki Ladies had to go experience The Miyavi Music Movement!

Emy B., Alma and CinéAny

My Highlights of Miyavi’s Orlando Concert:

The LONG Fabulous LINE!   I was so happy to see that Floridians of all parts came to see the Samurai guitarist. In the Line, I was able to finally meet the Asian Pop Addict  Gals (sans Ana Pana-Gurl you were missed in all the fun) They are truly great ladies who have great taste in music. They speak their mind on their online radio show, about all things Asian Pop. In their current show posted they talk about their Miyavi Concert Adventure.

Once inside the venue,  It was what I expected, an intimate Concert place. I had not stepped inside Firestone since 2005 Latin Nights,to get my Merengue dance on (Yes, I’m a versatile music lover). I believe  Miyavi could fill up The Amway Center, House of Blues or heck even Hard Rock Live. But I figured he wanted to be in more intimate settings to be closer to his fans (as he proved by interacting with us, so naturally). Regardless of my thoughts prior, Firestone Live was definitely perfect for the concert venue.

Photographs, I am wired as a paparazzi but for some odd reasoning, I decided to limit the pictures I took. I sat back (in a cool stool on the 2nd floor lounge area) and enjoy the music. My sister and amigas took some awesome pictures and  video and had a blast… oh I forgot to mention it was my friend Alma’s first Concert ever! (totally awesome!)

Miyavi Smooth Samurai Guitarist

Live and in Person. After only seeing Miyavi on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter it was  surreal to actually be in the same Building as him.  That thought hit me by the second song,”Wow, It’s really Miyavi, HERE, NOW!”

He is freaking Crazy on the stage! He did moves that defied Physics! I especially loved when he’d take a moment in between songs to talk to us. I think he should add stand up comedy to his list of talents, the man is funny! Things I remember him saying: or what I interpreted…


MIYAVI (on the microphone)

…Bobo called me and told me to come to rehearse, I wasn’t going to but then decide to, I enter the studio and see Bobo completely naked!  (the audience laughed) How do you think I felt?…Go home and tell your parents This is Japanese Style!

… I have been asked about where to buy the pants I’m wearing but its a One Man Fashion Wear (I wish I remembered his exact words, he said it so cool!)

Fashion, Needles to say you already know what Bobo wore. But Miyavi first stepped into the stage with a fedora hat, a jacket and sunglasses hair in a ponytail (sorta reminded me of a Smooth Criminal…) Though I’m curious to know if he chose  to wear his iconic flower pants because he was in Florida? hmm…

THE Music, What we came for. But of course its to see him in person too, but the draw is definitely the unique musical experience!  I was so happy to hear the songs live while he and Bobo were jammin’. I was even more ecstatic when They played two of my favorite older songs; We love you and Selfish Love! I sang along as best as I could. He instructed us to hold hands (after a lost-in-translation moment on HOW to say in English for everyone to hold hands) for the song We love you. I had a mayor upper body workout with that. then when it was more of the rock-techno-ish songs, I got up and danced to the beat of Bobo Drums. He is INCREDIBLE! and my sister kept saying “I love his shorts, eh speedos?!”

After the concert I still  had his songs resonating in my head.  Since it was a unique experience to see so many awesome Visual Kei fans in Orlando I decided to take photos of them. Each person I spoke to I felt the love of the Miyavi Fan-Family!

Miyavi and Bobo Ending the Awesome show!

This concert was electrifying and I found myself laughing, rocking and movin’ all at the same time. Miyavi is one beautiful-remarkable soul. He shares all of himself through his music, with the awesome percussionist extraordinaire Bobo.  Everywhere They go around the world tour, they will bring such positive vibes to ROCK the People out! So Glad that Asian Pop Addict gals brought this concert to my attention, for  it was one  MOST EXCELLENT night to remember!

**You can see more of Miyavi video’s we took on our  PoP Jun Ki Youtube Channel.


  • http://www.facebook.com/abi.e.vasquez Abi Elizabeth Vasquez

    You guys looked great in your photo! So happy to see Emy and Alma went with you CineAny! :) Looks like you ladies had an amazing time. Too bad I couldn’t go. <3

    • CinéAny

      Girl you know I was thinking about that you and Jay were missing :( We have to all go to a Concert together somewhere in the world! LOL!

  • http://thepenningtonedition.wordpress.com pennington41

    I was totally there with you! My friend Leola and myself were upfront, but you have much better pictures! Glad you has as great of a time as we did!

  • http://thepenningtonedition.wordpress.com pennington41

    I just shared your link cause it was that awesome!

    • CinéAny

      Thanks a million! SO cool you were there too! how was it in the front? I imagine more intense! I heard that Miyavi said the Orlando concert was the most energetic :D

      And please send me the link to your pictures/blog would love to share that info too. I wish I had better pics, but I pretty much just rocked out in the second floor je je je!

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