Las Vegas #LLBlog Conference: Lucky Gal


What does a quirky Pop Jun Ki blog dealer do in an all Latina Lifestyle Blogger conference? She has the time of her life! They say what stays in Sin City must never leave the sparkly city limits, but now I’m back home and ready to gab! Here are the Highlights:

  • My flight from Orlando to Las Vegas started with an impromptu greeting with the fabulous Gladys Knight, SHE WAS ON MY FREAKIN’ PLANE! How Lucky was that?


I made eye contact with Gladys.


Hello, How are you?


Hi! How are you? I saw you come into the plane, and I was like ‘Oh My GAWD!’


Oh, its ‘nice to see you


Nice to ‘eh… see you too!

Full of Geekiness I walk to my seat…

Lucky Irony, Gladys’ show is at the Tropicana

[ahem] Hey! I got to talk to an idol! I totally sing her songs, especially when I take flights home, listen to the song Midnight Plane to Florida [I know, I know it's Midnight train to Georgia!]

  • Met up with my awesome roomie and a long time amiga [via net but never met in person] Sujeiry, both truly sophisticated  and sweet chicas [read their entertaining blogs at The Ella Project and 1st Lady of Love], after some craziness at check in, all was copacetic and we went to our most-gorgeous room at The Tropicana!
  • A genuinely tender of introductions by Ana Lydia [from Una Cebeza de Coco] to the first ever LLBLOG Conference!
  • Given a BIG push to  continue to be [Excuse my French] the BAD-ASS-Latina-Creative-Independent-Thinking woman I AM. Inspired by her strong words, the one and only Alisa Valdes!

    Poderosa Alisa Valdes on Twitter @alisavaldes

  • The workshops were mind blowing, my head was so  filled with great information, I became anxious to start something right away. I didn’t even tweet  for giveaways, while they spoke, didn’t want to miss a thing. But we got priceless Swag bags in each meeting point.
Speaker: Alain Romero on Twitter @SolProfessional
  • Blogger Junket is one genius concept [credit: Ana Lydia].  It definitely needs to be explored more in the future llblog events
  • The food that was included in all the fun was Delicious to say the least [so many filling dinners I enjoyed Bacio's Calamari and Tilapia nom nom nom]! I’m still dreaming about the Flan at El Segundo Sol, at The Fashion Show Las Vegas. That was followed by a Behind-the-Scenes tour, it was excellent

    Chocolate Cake and Coconut Flan from Heaven!

    Beef Enchiladas with Arroz y Abichuelas Negras

    The Latina bloggesses before our Delicioso Lunch at Segundo Sol

  • Then on to the Macy’s tour which  was, though admittedly a bit confusing, but by no means boring! I learned about the quality of Michael Kors’ hand bags, I respect their calidad.

    Michael Kors Purses

    The Cosmetic counter demonstration came just in time. the Lancôme Serum is a magical youth potion [well, it felt like it was]!

Lancôme VISIONNAIRE serum MAGIC!!!
  • The Friendships made at this event were deep and genuine. I learned great things from the other women as much as I learned from the invaluable information in the workshops, they went hand in hand; from Style, Writing Voice, Life Ideas and just plain unabashed support!

    So much Love!

Fun Fashionistas! on Twitter @curvesahead & @rxqnaesthetics
I will never forget this experience. I was one lucky gal, after all I won a ticket to the conference [Thanks to Sujeiry's Giveaway and Alcance Media] and everything else had fallen to place after that. Even though I don’t really  talk about the Latina experience with PJK, I do talk with my Latina point of view of the Global Pop Culture. AND was welcomed with open arms.  THANK YOU, GRACIAS, ARIGATOU and KAMSAHAMNIDA Ladies and Gents that made VLLBLOG 2011, Rock out!

To commemorate with some KPoP, Enjoy the song by  BIG BANG. They filmed this Music Video in Las Vegas.

Big Bang ‘TONIGHT’
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  • Helena

    Hola Ani! the conference sounds amazing. The food looks yummy! Can’t wait to go to San Francisco. Un abrazote!

    • CinéAny

      You will definitely enjoy the event, I heard it will be more awesomer than this one! LLBLOG knows how to throw a party ‘er Conference… Ja Ja Ja! Hugging ya right back! <3

  • Adriana Martin

    It was so nice to meet you what an honor to meet with Mrs Gladys Knight OMG I could have a heart attack totally love her music! Ok now you kno my age, lol. Lancôme I hope s the miracle potion$$$$$. It actually is working great. I hope we meet in San Francisco and before that in our home town. Love your writing style gracias por compartir you are so COOL!

    • CinéAny

      Mujer! It is truly and honor for me to know you! I am a fan of your recipes,your Philosophy and personality! With Gladys, I’m shocked I didn’t freeze when I spoke to her, I’m notorious for turning into a latina-frozen popsicle when around Famous Directors and Actors, but I think She helped me break the ice, I’m cool now je je je. You have to tell me how the serum works I am so getting it pronto… Gracias por tu apoyo!

  • Abi IHae

    I am so happy that you learned so much, and had the opportunity to make new friends that will encourage and inspire you! <3 What an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing it with us all. <3

    • CinéAny

      I needed this motivating trip, Gracias Hermana! This experience had to be shared! wish you were there with me! <3 y eso que I havent posted the rest of the pics! I gotta get on it! LOL

  • illy (@illsaygiselle)

    It was great meeting you. You are too dope!! I can’t wait until you move to LA so you can chill with me in KTOWN!

    • CinéAny

      So crazy, I feel like all of you are a few blocks away and I can just hang anytime ja ja ja! and that’s a plan when I get back to LA! Truly inspired by what you write and post about Illsay. I learned from all of you! GRACIAS!!! <3

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