Pop Culture and Earth Day

Happy Earth Day-Year-Decade-Millennium! It’s all  about celebrating this wonderful Earth, its resources and gifts.

So what does Earth Day mean to us in this Mass Communication Era? I know a lot of globe-conscious people ( ‘er Celebrities  and good people that should be celebrated) that are putting forth blood, sweat and tears to keep the earth doing what it does best, be our  most-excellent-resourceful home.

In Popular Culture  there are words like Be Green, Save the Planet, Recycle, Re-use etc… but what does it mean for us to take care of the Earth? I ask myself that every time I come across these ‘Be Green’ Anthems.

My answer is that “Well ,We do what we can”  The way I see it, just as when our own bodies aren’t healthy, we find all the things that can help us get back to health. Then we can enjoy our lives,dancing, singing , loving, verdad? That is what we are doing finding ways to help the earth get back to health, its a daunting task, yet I think if we can prioritize our Natural World, we can make it happen! So I say to you reading this, you know what you do or are planning to do, to contribute to the well being of this Globe.  I have faith in human kind to heart our Mother Nature-and themselves.

Glabal Pop Earth Day

Aventura, SHINee y Julieta Venegas Love to be Green!

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